Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange

A|X Armani Exchange was launched in 1991, the result of Giorgio Armani’s pioneering idea to target the new generation of fast-fashion consumers. Inspired by the laid-back, modern approach to dressing he observed in the downtown scenes of his favourite cities (Milan, New York, London, Tokyo), the designer created a collection of un-basic ‘basics’ that embodied the understated sophistication of a new generation. Its approach was refreshing, unexpected and in line with the energy of youth.

A|X Armani Exchange offers a complete lifestyle wardrobe through an accessible, versatile range of youthful urban clothing and accessories. It challenges fashion conventions and overdone taste by focusing on a different perspective: a light-hearted approach to fashion that allows for the slouchy, unselfconscious elegance innate in youthful dressing.

Over the years, the collection has developed from a selection of basics to a more comprehensive modern wardrobe — the perfect leather jacket, the softest T-shirts, everyday denim — in order to keep pace with the evolving style of self-expression of young people in the world’ s cities.

In 2014, Giorgio Armani decided to take 100% control of A|X Armani Exchange to expand distribution and have more say in the brand’ s products and image. Since 2015, A|X Armani Exchange has taken a new step forward, capturing the spirit and inventiveness of young urban creatives and combining this with Italian sensibility and an intuitive, democratic approach to style.

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