Pierre Maurice Aflalo

Pierre Maurice Aflalo, founder and owner of the Gents Wear Group.

Whilst working as a model in Paris in the early 1970´s Pierre Maurice was introduced to the world of fashion which ignited a passion that would eventually lead him to where he is today, a renowned and respected entrepreneur within the fashion industry. Pierre Maurice moved to Sweden in 1975 and thereafter, in 1976, founded the Gents Wear AB which is today the mother company of the group. One year later Gents Wear was contracted to launch the distinguished Yves Saint Laurent men´s collection into Scandinavia which was shortly followed by the women´s line.

After several years of growth a second breakthrough occurred in 1987 when the well-known Kenzo organization contracted Gents Wear to launch the Kenzo Jungle collection. At the beginning of the 1990’s Kenzo was the largest distribution of the exclusive French brands in Scandinavia.
Word of the Gents Wear success quickly spread throughout Europe and the Italian fashion oracle Giorgio Armani also contracted Gents Wear to launch their new Armani Jeans collection in Scandinavia. It was later to be found that sales for the Armani Jeans men & women lines far surpas­sed every expectation and was by all means greatly successful. Today Armani Jeans is one of the leading and also most sold designer jeans collec­tion in the territory.
With it´s unique level of experience and unquestionable foresight within the fashion industry, Gents Wear has not only created a winning concept but also has successfully adapted it´s organization to the many changes that occured during the development of the industry from the 1980´s up to now, the second decade of the new century.


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