Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are central to Gents Wear’s core business and to our commitment of responsible financial, environmental and socio-economic development. CSR will always be a major issue in our entire work chain and what we do. It is important for us to be able to contribute and take responsibility for the harm that could be caused by our corporate activities and compensate for them.

Thanks to our business and our customers, we can repay to the world around us through a variety of humanitarian and environmental projects. We will continuously update with the projects our group is being part of.




SOS Children’s Villages International is a global federation working for quality child care and development.  Gents Wear has contributed to this organization for over 15 years. Please read more about the organization and its’ work at


In accordance to Gents Wear’s CSR policy it is an absolute necessarily that our packaging, cartons boxes, catalogs, and paper are collected and recycled. We are therefore involved in financing the organization FTI who has the assignment to ensure that packaging and papers are collected and recycled. Please read more at


Thanks for giving more children a safe childhood!
In 2016, Gents Wear have given even more children the opportunity for a better future. Total overall Gents Wear and other donors have supported with 386 million * SEK. SOS Children’s Villages has been providing support to over 700 000 children and parents. Together, we invest in children’s future.

See the film about Cloe, one of all the children who got a second chance. Spread the happy in your own channels so that employees and customers also get to know that they are important for our work. See the film here.

You can also take a look over all comapanies who supported this project during 2016.